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Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegrĆ­a y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de OraciĆ³n y Vida

Padre Ignacio LarraƱaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the enchantment with life.

Prayers and Life Workshops

Father Ignacio LarraƱaga

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TOVPIL Foundation

Father Ignacio LarraƱaga Prayer and Life Workshops Foundation

(TOV/PLW PIL Foundation)

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To be a means of preservation and diffusion for the work of the Founder of the PLW, and to support the International Coordinating Team in their function of propagating and disseminating the charism of the PLW in its evangelization function.


The house where Father Ignacio LarraƱaga, Founder of the PLW, lived is located in the Neighborhood of Lo Barnechea in Santiago, Chile. At present, the Foundation House is a place of spiritual pilgrimage for those who have seen their lives transformed through the Prayer and Life Workshops.

Father Ignacio hoped that once he was in the House of the Father, that this place would become a living center of spiritual dissemination for the charisma that God had inspired in him, and that it not be converted into a museum (1).Ā Ā  Based on this desire of our Founder, at the 2014 Assembly, the International Coordination proposed the need for creating a Foundation (2).

Therefore, in March of 2015 the International Coordination set up the Father Ignacio LarraƱaga Prayer and Life Workshop Foundation, thereby legalizing the care, protection and diffusion of Father Ignacioā€™s spiritual patrimony for future generations.


For those unfamiliar with this house, it is a symbol which holds many meanings, in addition to having been Father Ignacioā€™s home for the past 20 years. It was the place from which many of his writings, talks and messages emanated. That remarkable fruitfulness originated from his desk, in a small room where he prayed daily. He considered it to be a ā€œlittle bit sacredā€ because it was there where the Holy Spirit inspired him to write the Manuals that today in the hands of thousands of Guides around the world, make the PLWā€™s charisma flow in a new evangelization.

The heritage made up of his books, documents, letters, audios, videos, photographs, as well as other collections of PLW files, will give rise to the TOVPIL Foundation Documentation Center in Santiago, Chile, which we hope will contribute to the study and diffusion of his life and work.

(1) Audiovisual Register of the year 2007 file Foundation House/Open Letter to all Guides throughout the world. ā€œCircular Letters to the Guides 1-28. 2004. 240-241/ Personal letter Father Camilo Luquin, 2006/ Minutes meeting of Foundation House Team 2007.

(2) Minutes 2014 International Assembly, pp. 98-100




El Rodeo 13555 Lo Barnechea. Santiago, Chile

Telephone: 569 222458407

E-mail: fundaciontovpil2@gmail.com

Visiting Hours:

Call to coordinate a visit.

Monday ā€“ Friday from
9 to 12:30 hrs.
2:00 to 4:30 hrs.