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Miles de personas en el mundo han recuperado la alegría y el encanto de la vida.

Talleres de Oración y Vida

Padre Ignacio Larra√Īaga

Thousands of people have recovered joy and the enchantment with life.

Prayers and Life Workshops

Father Ignacio Larra√Īaga

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Young Adults

Young Adults

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Age: 20 to 30 years old
and onward with exceptions
Duration: 10 Sessions
1 per week lasting
1 hour and 45 minutes each

It is the vibrant announcement of the inexhaustible personality of Our Lord Jesus Christ so that the young adults become fascinated by Him and decide to walk in his footsteps; thus becoming disciples and witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Young Adults
Young Adults in visit of Pope Francis to Bogota
PLW Young Adults from Bogota happy and committed, who were part of the logistics group participating in the Eucharist celebrated in Bogota by Pope Francis during his visit to Colombia between September 6 to 10.
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